Thursday, July 14, 2011

Xcode : The standard iOS development platform

In order to program iPhone Apps, you can consider to buy an Mac. Because iOS was developed under Mac platform.

Besides to buy an iOS device : iPhone / iPod or iPad, you are free to download the development tools : Xcode from Apple. In my mind : It's far better than Visual Studio !

You can download Xcode in Apple website :

To start learning write an iPhone program, I recommand a product to you :

It's a shortcut course that you can learn how to write an iPhone Apps or iPhone Games in 4 weeks with NO programming skills and sell in AppStore. Normally, to program in iPhone you must learn and mastering C# programming language. The learning period cost months and years to come. But after you watch the step-by-step course, you can save your valuable time with less efforts - And the most important : You make money faster and quicker with your own Apps!

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To your success,

iPhone Developer